Monday, 4 July 2016

Elegy to Nigel Farage

Elegy to Nigel Farage

We saw you
and we hoped
you were a mirage

a trick of the light

the worst of human nature
given momentary substance
by the sunshine
that warped itself around
curls of beer sweat
rising from the tattooed shoulders
of a fat, shaven-headed man
with no discernible neck,
hunched over his
Wednesday morning pint
in the concrete beer garden
of a pub with a flat roof,
home to a roving Rottweiler
named 'Tosser' by its owners.

Batted back and forth
between the narrow horizon line
of the bar
and the border fortification
of a listing cement wall
about to snap off
from its foundations

Where the old sagas
have been bartered
away piecemeal,
diminished to watered-down
skirmishes between
rival football firms

and the Polish deli opposite
is feared as
the vanguard of some
encroaching army. 

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